Flatirons Digital Innovations, Inc Joins Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council

To Provide Expertise in Data Archiving and Application Decommissioning

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Flatirons Digital Innovations, Inc., announced today it has joined the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council, DFWHC, as an Associate Member. The DFWHC is a non-profit trade organization that unites North Texas hospitals to advance quality healthcare. FDI provides data archiving and application decommissioning solutions to healthcare providers to reduce costs and strengthen compliance after mergers and acquisitions and other events that cause IT portfolios to become bloated with outdated or redundant systems. By joining the DFWHC, FDI will benefit hospitals across the U.S. in this regard, as well as by acquiring insider knowledge to develop new solutions that help hospitals meet ongoing data management challenges.

“The mission of the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council is to enhance hospital value by promoting patient safety and cost-effective, quality healthcare in the Dallas-Fort Worth area,” said W. Stephen Love, president and CEO of DFWHC. “We are pleased to welcome Flatirons as a new Associate Member and look forward to the benefit their expertise in data archiving will bring to our members.”

“In order to provide outstanding and cost-effective patient care in the face of M&A activity, data center consolidation and other business and IT initiatives, hospitals need to proactively manage their growing number of legacy EHRs, accounting, human resources and other systems,” said Frank Hughes, healthcare IT specialist and regional director of sales for FDI. “FDI works with national healthcare providers, hospital networks and academic medical centers to control IT costs and reduce risk by safeguarding patient and other data that resides on aging or redundant systems. As an associate member, FDI looks forward to providing insight into best practices in data archiving and application decommissioning with DFWHC’s member organizations.”

To learn more about FDI’s experience in data archiving and application decommissioning for healthcare providers, visit https://fdiinc.com/industries/healthcare/.

About Flatirons Digital Innovations, Inc.

Flatirons Digital Innovations, Inc. (www.fdiinc.com) builds a more educated and informed society by enabling transparent and accessible digital information. It does this by facilitating timely, accurate, and informed conversations between organizations and their customers that help solve complex content- and data-driven challenges at the heart of business operations. FDI specializes in enterprise content services through technology assessments, solution blueprints, and implementation, integration and support for projects ranging from application decommissioning and data archiving, to document capture, revenue lifecycle management and more. Flatirons is based in Boulder, Colorado. For more information visit www.fdiinc.com.