Flatirons Digital Innovations Releases Latest Version of Flatirons Digital Hub for Healthcare

New Revenue Cycle Management Capabilities Facilitate Accounts Receivable Burn Down from Legacy Systems

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December 11, 2019, Flatirons Digital Innovations Inc., FDI (www.fdiinc.com), a content services and system integration provider, announced today the availability of the latest version of Flatirons Digital Hub for Healthcare. The healthcare data management solution consolidates both clinical and non-clinical data from legacy electronic health record (EHR) and other systems into a single, secure repository, providing fast and easy access to historical information for clinicians and health information management (HIM) staff. With the latest release of Flatirons Digital Hub for Healthcare, revenue cycle management teams now can manage accounts receivable (AR) burn down on outstanding patient accounts from legacy systems all within the same tool. This allows healthcare organizations to decommission outdated or redundant EHR or revenue cycle systems while still being able to facilitate collection on outstanding accounts.

“Clinicians and HIM staff are the two main user groups that require ongoing access to information from legacy systems,” said George Florentine, vice president of technology at FDI. “While it is also common to outsource the collection of outstanding accounts from legacy applications, our clients who do not outsource this function have requested basic revenue cycle management capabilities to allow them to track and manage AR burn down in one tool.”

Revenue cycle management features in Flatirons Digital Hub for Healthcare include:

  • Track and Manage AR Burn Down: Post either credit or debit transactions during AR processing and run the total outstanding balance during AR collection
  • View Transaction History: Flexible filters let users see all transactions or sort by transaction types such as note, refund, charge and credit
  • View Insurance Information for Multiple Providers: Support for accounts that may have multiple payers, such as Medicare and supplemental policies from private insurance companies
  • Archive-related Documentation: Store documents and billing statements associated with archived AR accounts
  • Export Archived AR Data: Export account information, lists of transactions, billing statements, insurance information and AR burn down entries associated with an archived account
  • Integration: Integrate with EHR and pay cycle systems

“With core revenue cycle management capabilities in Flatirons Digital Hub for Healthcare, organizations that have been holding onto legacy systems due to outstanding accounts on them no longer have to compromise between decommissioning legacy systems and collecting on outstanding accounts,” concluded Florentine.

To learn more about Flatirons Digital Hub for Healthcare, visit: https://fdiinc.com/products/flatirons-digital-hub/

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