By Peter Hentz, Sr. Sales Engineer

Are you considering a move to the cloud? Many organizations are enjoying the cost savings and efficiencies gained from hosting their applications in the cloud.

As you look to migrate, have you thought about what to do with your legacy applications? This may be a great time to retire those old applications.

cloud concept

A good analogy is moving to a new house. When I was a kid, I was a “military brat.” We moved to a new location every few years. Since there were weight and volume limits to what could be moved, we always took the opportunity to weed out less used or less valued possessions whenever Dad was transferred. Between yard sales and donations, we always stayed within the limits. As an adult, I must admit I’ve been less disciplined; I still have some boxes of books in the attic that haven’t been opened since they were packed three moves ago!

Don’t be like adult me with your legacy applications. In many instances the data in those apps must be retained for business and regulatory purposes. Keeping those apps up and running can be costly due to factors such license and maintenance fees and compliance risks due to outdated software, operating systems, or hardware. Migrating them to the cloud can be expensive or, in some cases, not even possible.

There is an alternative option: retire the application but keep the data accessible via a cloud-supported archiving solution. Prune your application portfolio for a more efficient move to the cloud.

Flatirons Digital Innovations specializes in decommissioning legacy applications. We can put your data into a cost-effective, cloud-ready archive that provides a secure and regulatory-compliant tool for accessing legacy data. Our ETL Acceleration Suite extracts data from difficult legacy environments and stores it in an accessible and fully compliant central repository. This includes maintaining a full chain-of-custody audit trail of the data as it’s extracted and transformed, and maintaining all security, privacy, retention, and other compliance rules in the central repository.

Give us a call before you move to the cloud. Now is a great time to retire those legacy apps! Contact us.