By Flatirons Staff

Modern computing has led to complex webs of application relationships and dependencies. When doing work across multiple cloud and hybrid applications, things can get messy. But with the right tools, businesses can see, manage, and secure their digital assets. This is where FDI and vArmour come in.

We share a common goal. Keeping customer needs top-of-mind in an evolving cybersecurity landscape. So, we’re joining forces to drive innovation. Plus, we will offer differentiated cybersecurity and digital transformation services.

About the Partnership

FDI and vArmour are thrilled to join forces to help our users. Through collaborations like this, we can speed up digital transformation for our customers. We look forward to working together on key business opportunities like:

Mergers and acquisitions where we can:

  • Understand which applications and workloads belong to which company.
  • Reconcile duplicates.
  • Accelerate risk prevention and compliance assurance.

Cloud Migration so users can:

  • Gain visibility into application relationships and dependencies.
  • See what you’ve been missing.
  • Avoid migration failures and service disruptions.

Diagnostic tools to help your business:

  • Leverage a real-time graphical map of application estate.
  • Continue mapping critical applications without needing an agent.
  • Uncover critical dependency and relationship blind spots.

Policy checker to:

  • Identify baseline application and user behavior.
  • Find all attack surfaces.
  • Create and simulate security policies.

About Flatiron Digital Innovations (FDI)

Flatirons Digital Innovations Inc., FDI, is a digital transformation agency. We specialize in securing data and moving it safely. Plus, we help businesses leverage their historical information. That way, they can create new experiences and generate new revenue opportunities.

We solve discrete business and customer experience challenges through:

  • Content and data lifecycle services
  • Custom solution development via our Innovation Studio
  • Unlocking data with our Digital Hub platform-as-a-service.

About vArmour

Enterprises rely on vArmour to discover, observe, and control their application relationships. They do this across every user, application, and environment to reduce risk and increase resiliency. And they do it all without adding new agents or infrastructure.

By unifying and mapping the entire digital estate, enterprises build resiliency from the bottom up. This allows them to recover, adapt, and rebound from unexpected disruption.