George Florentine Presents “Breaking Down Data Silos After M&A” at Health IT Summit Southwest

George Florentine, Vice President of Technology for Flatirons Digital Innovations, will present “Breaking Down Data Silos After M&A” at the Health IT Summit Southwest.

The presentation takes place Thursday, November 14, 2019, at 10:15 a.m., at the Houston Marriott Medical Center.

Session Abstract:

Mergers and acquisitions are a major factor affecting provider care delivery. A recent analysis found more than 360 mergers and acquisition transactions involving more than 2,000 hospitals. Initially, these M&As were seen as a positive force for EHR consolidation, easier access to data for providers and payers, and resulting increases in quality and efficacy of care delivery. However, this M&A trend has resulted in silos of legacy data as healthcare systems struggle to consolidate and integrate multiple legacy systems into their clinical and HIM activities.

During this session, Florentine will give real-world examples to demonstrate how leading healthcare organizations are successfully consolidating their EHRs following M&A and leveraging their legacy clinical data to support data analytics as well as bedside clinical diagnostic and care delivery activities.

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