Go Ahead, Take the Plunge!

If you think of a mother duck jumping into the water from a high place, it’s easy to imagine her ducklings aching to follow suit but hesitant to take the plunge.

In a way, the same can be said for the adoption of enterprise content and data management solutions in the cloud. In this case, Flatirons is the mother duck and clients are the ducklings. As a system integrator that specializes in developing content and data management solutions, we’ve made our own strategic decision to move from an on-premise development model to one that’s cloud-driven.

We use cloud and SaaS tools for nearly all our internal and external processes. Our development and test environments are hosted on Digital Ocean’s high-value droplet and Kubernetes infrastructure. Using modern DevOps practices and infrastructure-as-code with Vagrant, Ansible, and Docker, we can bring new team members and partners up to speed faster than ever before. It’s no longer necessary to spend weeks provisioning hardware, installing enterprise software, and meticulously managing configurations. Our environments are created, used, audited, and destroyed on-demand. We can mix-in products and customizations and evaluate changes without the burden of going back to first principles when a new operating system or core product is introduced or updated.

Our production environments are hosted securely and robustly on Amazon and Google clouds with vendor-specific differences isolated in source-controlled configurations.

Follow Us to the Cloud

We’ve done the technical due diligence to reach a level of comfort that allows us to adopt the cloud for solution development. We also believe that the pace of cloud adoption for content and data management solutions will only increase and are proud to lead the way with cloud archiving.

This is why we’ve gathered recent market data on cloud adoption and offer tips on what to look for when researching a cloud archiving solution. Our white paper (“Preparing a Move to the Cloud for Data Archiving? Here’s What You Need to Know”) covers:

  • Archiving and Storage
  • Data Security
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Backup, Performance, and Scalability
  • Service Level Agreements

IT executives, business strategy leaders, and program managers whose organizations are looking to adopt cloud solutions will come away with a better understanding of what they need to do to prepare for a cloud journey.

With nearly 20 years of experience developing and deploying content and data solutions, we’ve made the switch to the cloud. We invite you to join us. While anticipating the jump can cause anxiety, learning to operate confidently in a new environment by following a trusted leader is worth the initial plunge.

Download the white paper.