And the ROI of Moving to the Cloud

By Julie Fouque, VP of Marketing

According to Gartner, “Across industries, cloud continues to be one of the fastest-growing segments of IT spend.” While many companies, particularly those with in-house resources, can take advantage of cloud services, other organizations may be getting left behind. Without internal resources to know which applications are a best fit for the cloud, how to navigate interdependencies of their applications, or which cloud vendor is right for them, they could be missing opportunities or getting roped into cloud models that aren’t right for them.

cloud application concept

Flatirons Digital Innovations offers a three-part analysis designed to assist organizations in developing a strategy to migrate on-premise applications to the cloud. The consulting engagement is geared toward organizations seeking to take advantage of the cloud but that have not identified a strategy or taken the steps to initiate their cloud program. By completing the analysis, clients can establish their goals for cloud migration, identify applications that are good candidates for the cloud and the best model to support their goals, and gain a clear understanding of the potential return on investment from recommended actions.

The three-part analysis includes:

  1. Establishing a Success Framework: Identifying concrete goals and pinpointing the desired business value that can be gained by moving to the cloud.
  2. Conducting an Application & Cloud Migration Analysis: Identifying applications that are the best candidates in an organization’s portfolio to move to the cloud, interdependencies of the applications, and the cloud model that best supports the client’s goals.
  3. Building a Business Case: Calculating the organization’s estimated total cost reduction and overall expected ROI so they are equipped with a well-informed business case for migrating applications to the cloud.

Why Flatirons?

Many cloud providers approach cloud migration with a vendor bias. Their goal is to do a quick “lift and shift” of existing on-premise solutions to their cloud-based infrastructure so they can quickly generate revenue through their Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings.

Flatirons takes a completely cloud vendor-neutral approach. We realize the value of exploring how to optimize a client’s existing application portfolio, without any predisposition towards a specific end point and with no financial incentives to push the client towards a particular vendor offering.

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