By Peter Hentz, Senior Documentum Solution Architect

Ok, let’s admit it. Webtop is way past its prime. Those of us who’ve made any customizations or configurations in Webtop know the pain. Having to dig through layers of components to find the right one to override made configuration changes and customizations cumbersome. And then there’s the Unified Content Facilities (UCF). Who here hasn’t spent hours dealing with UCF issues across the enterprise after a Java upgrade?

And speaking of upgrades, that’s another Webtop pain point. There are always those one or two custom components that no longer work after you upgrade to the latest version. Then you have to spend time troubleshooting, rewriting, and testing before you can finish the upgrade.

D2 Makes Content Management Easier

You can free yourself from the burden of Webtop upkeep and maintenance by switching to OpenText’s modern user interface for Documentum – D2. D2 is a highly configurable, modern, single-page web application built on GWT/GXT JavaScript. It allows for fine-grained, role-based configuration of features. You and your users will be forever grateful.

With D2 you can easily tailor the user experience to just the features and functions your users need, protecting them from feature/function overload. D2 also includes personalization of the interface. Users can control their own interface by adding or removing widgets based on their personal preference. With the latest version of D2 (16EP5, which was just released) there’s even a new intuitive user interface for content consumer use cases, including mobile support.

Configuring and maintaining D2 is easy. The D2-Config configuration client is used to control application configuration elements to contexts via the configuration matrix. Configuration components such as auto-naming, security, property forms, widgets, workspaces, and many more are defined along the Y-axis. Contexts such as document types, DQL conditions, and user groups are places along the X-axis.

It’s as simple as placing a checkmark in the intersection of a config element and a context to apply an element to a context. For example, Draft dm_document quality assurance content gives WRITE access to quality assurance authors. Sophisticated content management user interfaces can be configured in days, not weeks. Plus, upgrading D2 is virtually painless!

Flatirons has been a Documentum integrator for more than a dozen years. We can help you upgrade from Webtop to D2 to help you get more from your content management system. Get started.