By Scott McKeever, Certified Intelligent Capture (Captiva) Professional

You made a great business decision and purchased OpenText Captiva to handle your document capture needs. If you’re still running version 7.6, you may know that the sustainability phase of support ends December 1, 2020. You have a decision to make.

Get help with a Captiva upgrade plan

You can upgrade to the current version (the newly branded OpenText Intelligent Capture 20.2, which is a consolidation of OpenText’s capture platforms), and take advantage of a number of new features that can improve your capture processes. You can incur additional expense of moving to extended support. Or, you can forego extended support, miss out on key patches, and potentially disrupt service continuity.

This is why it makes sense to upgrade from OpenText Captiva 7.6 to OpenText Intelligent Capture 20.2 now.

Remote and Mobile Work Enhancements

OpenText Intelligent Capture 20.2 provides several enhancements in the way of support for remote work, a welcome relief in the current pandemic environment. Its Web Client provides a method for workers to have access to capture systems at the point of service over a secure web interface. Sensitive data is secure with in-transit encryption at origin and destination.

Fully functional User Interfaces, without the need of client software distributions, keep your administrative overhead at a minimum. Additionally, with the Cloud SDK, extending your solution to provide support for mobile devices can make your workforce even more productive. Document capture, data entry, and approvals can all be handled using smart devices from anywhere. These improvements in continuity of operations are available now in Intelligent Capture 20.2.

Enhanced Security

What about “at rest,” or inactive, data?  In many situations, information found on electronic versions of documents contains highly sensitive information. It’s the responsibility of the business to protect this data. Intelligent Capture 20.2 provides encryption of data stored in the capture system, so that sensitive information is protected.

Get Started

Flatirons Digital Innovations has a long history of providing services to assist clients in upgrading their OpenText document capture solutions. We can work with you to understand what a path looks like from your current version of Captiva to OpenText Intelligent Capture 20.2 so you’re prepared when support for version 7.6 expires.

Having an upgrade plan and timeline along with an estimated budget to take to your decision makers can help you:

  • Avoid additional costs to support your outdated system.
  • Prevent degradation of core business processes that rely on document capture software.
  • Avoid disruption in business processes due to unsupported software issues.
  • Retain support for your document capture system.
  • Continue to receive security patches and other updates from OpenText to make the platform secure and run in an optimized fashion.

We’ve done OpenText capture upgrades for years and are ready to help you get started. Contact us today.