A Comprehensive Set of Features Worthy of an Upgrade

By Peter Hentz, Senior Pre-sales Engineer

what's new imageOpenText recently released Documentum 20.2, with improvements across the board to Documentum Server, D2, D2 Mobile, xCP, and connectors.

The new features provide tangible value for advancing cloud strategies, strengthening security, enabling cost reductions, and making users more productive through client-side upgrades.


OpenText has added some important new cloud capabilities to Documentum. Documentum 20.2 can run on any hyperscaler and leverage high-performance databases such as Amazon Aurora. You can reduce costs through low-cost storage services such as Google Elastifile. This release also includes support for migrating Documentum applications from on-premise to cloud environments.

Security and Compliance

Enhanced security features include support for TLS 1.3, SHA3, and the upgraded OpenSSL. Documentum 20.2 also includes improved performance monitoring via integration with the application monitoring tool New Relic.

For compliance, Documentum Server now includes tighter integration with Blazon, OpenText’s rendition engine that automatically transforms files from virtually any format into accurate PDF, TIFF or secure Content Sealed Format renditions. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of scanned documents or image files generates searchable text. This makes it easier to find content for audits, litigation purposes, or other reasons. In addition, greater compliance with CCPA and GDPR can be achieved through automatic redaction of sensitive information such as personally identifiable information (PII), ensuring safer distribution of content.

Cost Reductions/Savings

Documentum 20.2 includes integration with InfoArchive, OpenText’s central repository for “business complete” structured and unstructured content. This lets you natively trigger the migration of business complete content from Documentum to InfoArchive. Automating the archiving of inactive content yields better performance of your active Documentum instance and reduces costs by moving that content to a lower-cost repository. Your business complete content is easily kept in InfoArchive for retention, regulatory, or other business purposes.

Client-Side Usability Enhancements

On the client side, OpenText has enhanced D2 Smart View (originally introduced in version 16.5). D2 Smart View is a modern, personalized user experience that provides direct access to a user’s most important content. Users will also get a productivity boost through virtual document management, grid and gallery view for doclists, browser tree navigation, favorites and a home cabinet, and drag-and-drop from the desktop.


The D2 Mobile app provides secure access to the D2 repository for both iOS and Android devices. This lets users continue to manage their Documentum content anytime, anywhere.

Finally, xCP now comes with an out-of-the-box framework that can accelerate application development for several use cases. Predictive Decision Making, introduced in Documentum 20.2, allows you to incorporate machine learning. And Documentum for Asset Operations, used by clients in energy and manufacturing, also is available in version 20.2.

If you haven’t upgraded in a while, Documentum 20.2 gives you plenty of compelling reasons to seriously consider putting an upgrade on your to-do list. As a long-time Documentum system integrator, we give Documentum 20.2 a positive review and confidently say that it’s now easier than ever to create, use, and deploy content-centric solutions.