By Regina Kershner, VP of Operations

Looking back on 2020, our program management team reflects on how the COVID pandemic has impacted OpenText™ Documentum™ customers and how they have used the platform to adapt.

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Q: How has COVID impacted Documentum users? 

When the pandemic began, Documentum projects were either paused or slowed down. In most cases, organizations focused on the immediate need to adapt to remote working for their employees. Many of our energy and other essential business clients operated with skeleton crews until they could develop safe ways to continue normal operations. In some cases, our clients had team members who were out with COVID or helping family members recover, which meant resource constraints across the board.

Q: Have Documentum users done things differently to help their businesses succeed?

Absolutely. Our Documentum customers have sought to keep their employees safe and make work simpler for their teams during difficult times, while continuing normal business operations as much as possible. This has meant that clients have accelerated ways to help employees perform tasks and continue workflow processes remotely.

Q: What are some examples of how they are using Documentum to do this?

Documentum provides a wealth of capabilities to support remote work and business continuity. Clients have tapped into the platform to provide secure, remote access to content so employees can avoid or reduce trips to the office. This has improved productivity for remote workers. They also have tapped into Documentum’s collaboration features to increase remote collaboration between teams. Our clients are stepping up automation of workflows, such as contracts, to minimize time to contract approval and signature. They also are implementing content versioning, so their staff are confident they are working with the most up-to-date version of materials. And they are using Documentum’s version history to track and view when and how documents/content has changed. All of this, of course, is available remotely to enable business continuity.

Other ways clients are tapping into Documentum are:

  • Reducing search and retrieval time with reduced human errors and rework
  • Reducing time and the number of employees required to manage documents/content
  • Maintaining or improving the ability to adhere to regulatory compliance by ensuring quick and easy access to the most up-to-date content
  • Automating integration with 3rd party vendors
  • Consolidating electronic storage across multiple file stores and platforms into Documentum
  • Reducing physical store space
  • Reducing printing costs for hard copies

Finally, customers using OpenText Intelligent Capture, formerly Captiva, have increased document scanning to make more information available to their customers online.

Q: What have the conditions during the pandemic meant for Flatirons?

These challenging times have reflected the best in us as a long-time Documentum integrator. Our deep experience in the platform and work with clients in multiple industries has allowed us to quickly help clients adapt to remote working and both identify and implement ways to keep productivity on track. Being nimble means that when critical situations arise, we are just a phone call away. Our clients have an immediate route to our team, including our developers who respond with the urgency that our clients’ businesses depend upon.

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