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Creating Retention Policies in OpenText™ InfoArchive™

By Bill Young, Senior Pre-sales Engineer
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Application Decommissioning 101 FAQs

By Julie Fouque and Paul Barry
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Two Ways to Safeguard Your COBOL Data

By Julie Fouque, VP of Marketing
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What’s New in OpenText™ InfoArchive™

By Peter Hentz, Pre-sales Engineer
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COVID & COBOL: How to Avoid A Data Management Crisis

By Paul Barry and George Florentine
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Got COBOL-based Data?

By Gina Berger, Program Manager
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Data Archiving: To GUI or Not To GUI

By FDI's Program Management Team
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Seven Pillars of an Effective Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) Process

By Jim Earley, Director of Engineering
Reverse Engingeering Blog
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Accelerating Revenue Cycle Operations with Flatirons Digital Hub for Healthcare

By George Florentine, VP of Technology
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