Through Enterprise Archiving and Decommissioning

By Julie Fouque, VP of Marketing

One of the biggest challenges IT departments face is application sprawl, an ongoing increase in the number of applications in their organizations’ overall portfolios. According to the Wall Street Journal, from 2015-2019 “the number of software apps deployed by large firms across all industries world-wide” increased 68%. This is driven by “a growing number of enterprise, cloud, and mobile applications whose management and maintenance is taxing organizations of all shapes and sizes” (CIO Insight).

As IT leaders know well, application sprawl results in “higher costs, more time required to administer systems, security and regulatory challenges, and…diminished productivity” (CIO Insight).

Application Rationalization

One solution to application sprawl is application rationalization, the process of “going over the application inventory to determine which applications should be retired, retained, reposted, replatformed, refactored or reimagined” (Google Cloud).

Flatirons Digital Innovations offers an application portfolio analysis to help organizations begin the process of application rationalization.

Enterprise Archiving and Decommissioning

We also are helping organizations take control of application sprawl by eliminating legacy systems from their portfolios. To do this, we archive data to Flatirons Digital Hub, a secure, cloud-based solution that lets IT teams decommission legacy systems running in read-only mode and consuming valuable budget.

Flatirons Digital Hub supports both structured and unstructured data from any enterprise application. Data can be extracted with our ETL Acceleration Suite or other third-party tools, and the solution’s flexible data model supports missing or incomplete data.

Flatirons Digital Hub provides out-of-the-box user interfaces for legacy PeopleSoft Human Capital Management systems and for electronic health record systems. Custom UIs for other applications are optional. The solution includes LDAP/SSO for authentication, facilitates data retention policy management and legal holds, and is available as an on-premise, cloud, or SaaS deployment.

Our recent release of Flatirons Digital Hub for PeopleSoft® helps fast-track the elimination of legacy PeopleSoft HCM systems from IT portfolios. As human resource teams adopt modern alternatives to PeopleSoft, or take on legacy PeopleSoft systems through mergers and acquisitions, now they have an option to safeguard historical employee data and not contribute to application sprawl by holding onto their legacy systems.

As VP of Technology George Florentine said, “we’re enabling organizations to archive not just legacy HR data but business-complete data from any application in their portfolios, so they can eliminate redundant systems, and therefore lower overall costs.”

Learn more about Flatirons Digital Hub for PeopleSoft.