By Peter Hentz, Senior Pre-sales Engineer

OpenText™ continues to evolve InfoArchive™ to integrate within a full data and content lifecycle for enterprises of all kinds. Flatirons Digital Innovations is constantly working to maintain currency with the evolution to provide our customers with the best consulting services for their archiving needs. This blog provides rationale for upgrading to this latest version of InfoArchive: OpenText InfoArchive Cloud Edition (CE) 20.2.

User Experience Enhancements

cloud concept

If you haven’t upgraded InfoArchive recently, you’ve missed out on several enhancements to the user experience. Filtering of applications, search forms, and query results are available to all users. This most recent update enhances filtering options for administrative users, including jobs, packages, holds, encryption, and retention policies. Flatirons can not only assist you with the upgrade of the software, but we can also help you enhance your search forms and query results to provide these improvements for your end users.

Moving to the Cloud

If you’ve considered moving your archiving to the cloud, this may be the time to do it. OpenText has been evolving the cloud options over the last couple years. InfoArchive 16EP7 included containers and documentation for cloud deployments. This latest release includes further revisions and optimizations to these features.

Flatirons has been working in parallel with cloud deployments of InfoArchive using Kubernetes on the Google Cloud Platform. Both OpenText and Flatirons are using HELM charts, and the recent release of InfoArchive includes configuration enhancements and example architectures. Flatirons can help you migrate your archive to an efficient and scalable cloud deployment.

Compliance Enhancements

Compliance is another area in which the latest release provides enhancements. In prior versions, retention policy application at time of ingestion was limited to a single policy. This meant that further configuration and application of policies might be required after ingestion.

The new release allows application of multiple policies at ingestion time, thereby strengthening the configurability, repeatability, and testability of these policies. Also related to compliance are enhancements in the supplemental data available for certain audits, including exports and permission changes.

There are additional usability enhancements in this release, including improved localization of dates and numbers based on the user locale. And, as with all releases, this version includes bug fixes.

Get Started

Flatirons is ready to help you upgrade your archive to take advantage of the new features of this latest InfoArchive release. The release themes of cloud, compliance, operational excellence, and usability can enhance your archive for continuing business needs and future proofing.